Toro Y Moi-Never Matter (Video)

Anything In Return is comfortably my favourite album of 2013 so far (with Foals’ Holy Fire in second), and this track is a great demonstration of why. Whilst it has endured on my regular playlists, it isn’t one I’d have called a primary highlight from the album, and yet it’s still very good.

The audio’s one of the more upbeat, funk-driven tracks on the LP, combining sprightly synths and lively percussion with playful keys, whilst Toro’s vocals are much more pronounced than usual, adding stronger structure to sway this slightly toward the pop direction. It’s an enjoyable listen, and one that’ll get more playtime as summer draws near.

The video’s concept is admirably simple. A VHS camera is set up in a flea market (car boot sale, for us British folk), and passers-by are invited to listen to this track and have a little dance in front of the camera. Nothing flashy, and in fact quite the opposite: the range of people shown are everyday folk from across the spectrum, with no unrealistically good dancers to suggest planting, and hence it makes it all rather more believable and engaging. The use of actual VHS style footage when showing the dancers is a nice technical touch too, adding a retro, geeky element that allows the video to poke a little fun at itself. There’s a somewhat creepy twist at the end which closes things off, and it’s an audiovisual that should really find favour with most. Album available now.

Sidenote: I have a large crush on the lead girl (are you allowed crushes at 25?). If anyone can give her my number or arrange a date, please do so.

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