The Hotelles-Movie Reel

the hotelles
South London based indie rockers The Hotelles have every intention of becoming your next favourite guitar band. The single was produced by Cam Blackwood (The Horrors, Florence and the Machine, Hurts), and as opposed to the well received indie-pop of their previous releases, this single sees the boys sound takes a more mature direction whilst staying true to the angsty tone of the bitter sweet lyrics, taking inspiration from Orange Juice and Aztec Camera.

A talented upcoming trio. The track’s got elements of summery positivity, the angst and bitterness mentioned above, flashes of early-00′s punk and more; the combination makes for a versatile track suited to several listening scenarios, and that’s never a bad thing. The instrumentation is good throughout, with strong but not overbearing percussion anchoring things, the piercing guitars dominating the foreground with energy and intensity, and rough yet catchy vocals capping things off. A good listen from one of the better bands coming up in the UK indie scene, look out for the official release tomorrow.

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