the dream
Following up his solid, Fabolous-assisted lead single from the upcoming IV Play album, Dream switches track and goes for something more hip-hop oriented for the next release.

Whilst he asserts that ‘I am R&B‘ throughout the chorus, it’s rather ironic that this isn’t anywhere near an R&B style. It’s also a little disappointing that yet another vocalist has thrown aside his lavish gifts as a singer to lay down some raps, and whilst he has some great moments in this (particularly the rapid fire flow around halfway through), it’s hard to avoid feeling like its yet another R&B singer trying to rap. The beat selection is a good one, with thumping percussion and intense synths combining for a speaker rattling beat, and whilst the deep distortion on his voice isn’t hugely original, at least it makes a clear and important division between his rapped work and his singing work. It’s certainly a likeable track if you take it independently of circumstance, but knowing what he’s good at, you’ll be left wanting more. The album lands on 7th May.

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