Steelohim-Dodge Nightfall

Dodge Nightfall takes you through a murky, dark, and introspective journey through your own imagination; its hard hitting drums serves as a tour guide through the dark lit organs and distorted guitar riffs. Steelohim recommends you close your eyes your first listen and let the music get your imagination going. The concept of this project is to get you to invest in yourself by making music that forces you to think. This is music with a vision. We hope you enjoy it.

Rather good description of a solid instrumental piece. Pulling in influence from hip-hop, electronica and much more, the combination of bassy percussion with the distorted organ and guitar elements mentioned above makes for a lively, intense and atmospheric soundscape. Whilst it’s ultimately grounded in a dark sensibility, there’s a lot going on to ensure it also fires out sharp, energetic bursts that contrast that dark soundscape, and flesh out that mental image the creators intended with bright flashes of melody. A likeable and unique listen for sure, though one that might not be for those after a fully dark, sombre instrumental.

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