Smith Westerns-Varsity

smith westerns
Happy. That’s how this will make you feel. Thoroughly and unashamedly happy.

There’s a great range of styles in here, from the 70s-inspired works of Unknown Mortal Orchestra to 90s punk, this is an upbeat effort that’s just packed with throwback levels of happiness (let’s be honest, music’s quite grumpy nowadays). The track begins with an old-school pop style, full of luscious synths and catchy, melodic vocal work, before the middle section transitions into something a little more modern alternative as the guitar work is allowed to exert its influence, and the energetic synths become much more present-day pop. The bubbly and consistent vocals are a great anchor for the entire track, and this is a bright, summery track that will definitely liven up any playlist; be sure to grab in on 12th March.

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