Shlohmo and Jeremih-Bo Peep (Do U Right)

This unexpected collaboration arrives as part of Yours Truly’s Song from Scratch series, matching together beatsmiths and vocalists from different genres for a shared track, a project which also brought us Danny Brown’s thumping Molly Ringwald. A fun idea, and it’s generating good music.

As fans of either artist here would expect, this is much less energetic and instead is a minimalist, smooth piece of R&B that will impress many. Shlohmo’s trademark style is all over this one, with an atmospheric production built on spaced-out synths, electronic, radar-esque pulses, and clunky percussion, the end result being a dark backdrop with flashes of intensity. Jeremih doesn’t have to adjust very much with a beat as giving as this, and his relatively soft vocal approach is a good fit for the production, allowing it to breathe by not drawing excessive attention, but also capitalising nicely on its high and low points. Good piece of music, and let’s hope that project spawns more of this ilk.

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