ScHoolboy Q-Yay Yay

schoolboy q
Q’s gearing up for that Oxymoron release this year and it looks like the promotional run is about to begin, with this first release from the TDE representative’s debut LP.

Generally, Q has two styles: contemplative or speaker-rattling. This falls firmly in the latter, and if you’re desperate for a point of reference, let’s just say it’s more There He Go than Blessed. The slow-moving percussion winds through the track well, anchoring the track in an easygoing tempo with a thumping bass to boot, whilst the faint melodies layered on top add a light, almost-summery vibe to the track, with the exception of a moody synth that fires through on the hook. Generally speaking, it’s a relatively dark, bass-heavy beat that’ll knock nicely in your car, and hence it’s the type that suits Q’s street raps, with his delivery on a more rough, grittier style than he usually opts for. It’s all packed into a deliberate pace that allows him to really emphasise his every sentence, an effect that works in tandem with the production to add intensity throughout the entire piece. A good opener for Q, and whilst it won’t be to everyone’s taste, it’s definitely one his longtime fans will appreciate.

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