Savages-She Will

It seems as though their rise to popularity bypassed me, but Savages are on the brink of a massive breakout, and alongside appearances at huge festivals (Coachella, Parklife, Primavera), a lead single like this suggests they’re certainly coming out with all guns blazing.

With influences from vintage punk, modern-day alternative, night pop and more, the end product is a track that seems to constantly move between dark, moody segments and punchy, balls-out rock sections with fluid ease. That’s evidenced well around 1/3 of the way through, with the track descending into soft bass plucks, distant delayed guitar strums and a quiet but menacing percussion, before abruptly and briefly switching to a more jagged, piercing style, and back down to the smoother instrumentation once again. Things get turned up to maximum for the closer, with the edgier style remaining in place and growing in intensity, so much so that it almost seems like the only musical step upwards from there is into a hard rock/metal style, and the track almost threatens to follow that through. It’s skilful work by all involved to make the track feel more like a living entity in that regard, and this is well worth a listen for indie heads. Look out for the Silence Yourself album on 6th May.

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