Ryan McDermott-No Se

no se
Feast on it. the musings of my mind as the sky fallls over the heads of ballet dancers. the life opera #NoSe

With every release, Ryan’s displaying precisely why he’s a G.O.O.D. Music representative, and why he’s a vocalist with a ton of hype and potential around him right now. Though this is only a short track, designed to be an interlude on his upcoming mixtape, there’s more than enough here to satisfy his current fans and get him a few new ones. The leftfield Pepe Aguilar sample sets this off excellently, with the classical instrumentation and gentle vocal sample providing a vintage and soulful backdrop, upon which Ryan offers emotional vocals containing observational, commentatorial lyricism. That combination results in a heartfelt and meaningful performance that will surely whet the appetite ahead of that mixtape’s release, and if you’re not already familiar, get familiar.

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