Ryan McDermott-Joy ft. Hit-Boy

ryan mcd joy
He was one of the more surprise inclusions (supposedly) on my 13 for ’13 list, mostly because he’s not released a great deal of material, but he’s come through with his second single that’s already getting plenty of buzz.

The production blends a reflective, wistful vibe with an infusion of lively, traditional elements for a beat with plenty of depth. The combination of hypnotic tribal vocal samples, atmospheric synths and a collection of sharp instruments (including what sounds like a xylophone) makes for engaging listening, and it’s almost puzzle-esque as you’ll catch a new sound with each play. His vocals talents are what originally brought him to my attention, and they’re flexed superbly here, with verses that progress smoothly in terms of intensity and emotion, building smartly to a rousing, empassioned hook that anchors the song nicely. It’s a track that moves really smoothly throughout, and throw the solid Hit-Boy verse into the mix and it’s a very good all-rounder that should be a breakout single for the G.O.O.D. Music vocalist.

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