Mr Hudson-Fred Astaire

mr hudson
We all know pop music is getting fairly graphic when it comes to seduction and sex. That’s cool. But what happened to foreplay? You know, dinner and a dance, flirting? Old school! I want to read the menu. I’m a bit old fashioned that way. So this song is me tryna give you that feeling.

It’s been some time since we had solo material from Mr Hudson. In 2009 he was simply unstoppable, and though that didn’t last for various reasons, let’s hope he fulfills his potential with his welcome return.

In typical fashion, this is one that straddles a few genres without ever settling into one, and does so quite well. There’s the pop undercurrent holding it all together, but he has that natural ability to infuse an alternative style via both his vocal style and attention-grabbing instrumentals, with the latter being anchored heavily by a commanding percussion in this case. There are flashes of vintage soul in here too, to be expected given the song title and description; the whole lot combines for a good return for Hudson, and hopefully there’s more coming.

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