MeLo-X-Handle It

Originally a remix of Gotye’s “Somebody I used to know” ft. kimbra produced by m-phazes, MeLo decides to take this track and completely transform it into cosmic private dancer music. Handle It tells the story of an encounter with a women who moves like she’s from another planet.

This guy can do no wrong. He’s been releasing music very consistently in recent weeks, and not only is the supply steady but the quality is thoroughly excellent too. A SoundCloud commenter may have summed this track up better than I can: indulgent. The production combines equal levels of atmosphere, smooth soul, electronica with a dash of sleaze for a lavish, near-ethereal soundscape that’s most definitely fit for use in the context described above. From those thumping bass hits through to the spaced-out synths, it’s a beat that’s right from the top drawer, and that’s supplemented by mellow vocals in the hook and solid storytelling raps from MeLo; the highlight of those is definitely his speedy flow, with it operating as a good contrast to the slow, winding backdrop. Really enjoyable work all-round, and I’ll give this plenty of replays in the coming weeks.

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