MeLo-X-God Magic

melo x
One of the best attributes about MeLo-X’s writing is his ability to be honest. With that being said, this is exactly what you get from his first single “GOD MAGIC”, off his forth coming EP “GOD:LoFi”. MeLo genuinely speaks about paying dues and looking within himself (It’s the God,God) to control his destiny. This quality of music usually stands the test of time.

One the most versatile acts in the hip-hop game comes through with brand new solo music, with this being an easygoing jam that’ll slide right into many rap playlists. The production’s admirably simple (particularly for a man with an experimental nature), utilising crisp percussion, glum, atmospheric synths and a few small touches here and there for a laidback beat that’s conducive to delivering reflective raps. MeLo doesn’t disappoint either, with plenty of internal monologue mixed with storytelling and outwardly philosophical work that prevents the introspection becoming too overbearing or repetitive, capping off a strong all-rounder with a lot of replay value.

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