If I was asked to choose a band to soundtrack my life (could happen), it would be M83 (or Beach House). Any fan of their music knows they’re able to create incredible soundscapes that effortlessly spark a glut of mental imagery, and their inclusion on the soundtrack for Tom Cruise’s upcoming Oblivion film is a great selection.

The film’s about post-apocalyptic people living in the sky, and the grandeur of this piece is perfectly suited to that. That context means the composition is closer to their earlier work than the guitar and upbeat synth-driven work of their most recent 2 albums, making for a welcome reminder of their ability in that gentler, more gradual style of production. Opening with dramatic synths, the tone slowly begins to soften whilst clearly progressing and building toward a high point, the first of those coming with the arrival of piercing samples around halfway through. A step back to the laidback section follows, before the huge finale, with those sharp melodies scaling up even further and being joined by steadying percussion, providing the track’s true peak and a wonderfully satisfying conclusion. Textbook film composition, and I hope they have even more work on the soundtrack.

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