M83-Oblivion ft. Susanne Sundfør

The second release from the M83-helmed soundtrack for Tom Cruise’s upcoming Oblivion film, and unlike the cinematic, orchestral first, this title track is much more classic M83.

Within seconds, the bright production style they’re famed for explodes into life, combining soaring synths with energetic electronic melodies, whilst the percussion work drives the track excellently; the relative subservience of it versus the more energetic drum work in the hook helps properly segment and define those two sections, and enhance the hook as the true anchor point of the track. It’s as skilful as you’d expect from M83, and that’s complimented well by rousing vocals from Susanne, whose vocals progress from relatively soft, melancholic work to grand, empassioned work, keeping pace with that ever-changing production and adding tons of scale and grandeur to proceedings. It’s good to hear an M83 production laced with such accomplished vocal work, and this is a strong track that should fit nicely with the epic environments the film is said to be set within.

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