Little Boots-Broken Record

If her first single from the upcoming Nocturnes album suggested a darker turn, this will put a stop to those thoughts as its a lively pop number with strong similarities to some of the work on her debut album.

From the bouncy synths through to the high-tempo percussion, the production’s packed with verve and energy, factors enhanced by the sharp, intense inclusion of church bells. The latter also enhance that pop vibe, by ensuring the production doesn’t quite go full scale electronic, and instead has some slower, more ‘traditional’ elements to keep it reined in. The vocal work is very catchy throughout too, particularly on the hook which is about as infectious as you could hope for from a dancefloor filler, and caps off what is potentially a big mainstream hit for Little Boots. I’m not quite as fond of it as I was her first single, frankly it’s a touch too pop for me, but nonetheless it’s well-constructed and will certainly have an appreciative fanbase. Look out for that album on 7th May.

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