Limp Bizkit-Ready To Go ft. Lil' Wayne

limp bizkit
Whilst I can’t find it in the OTU archives, I’m quite sure Limp Bizkit had a bit of a false start last year when releasing their first song under the Cash Money label. There’s every chance I imagined that though.

In any case, this is being heralded as their proper debut single under the label, the first release from Stampede of the Disco Elephants. That album, the follow-up to 2011′s Gold Cobra, is due this year, and whilst they’re certainly not the force they were 10 years ago it’s not bad at all. The guitars are punchy, the percussion powerful and progressive, whilst Fred’s angsty delivery is as recognisable as ever, and with the catchy, anthemic hook, it’s pretty much the old formula recreated to good effect. The problem they’ll have is that it’s probably not rock enough for the rock heads, and too rock for the hip-hop heads; a tough middle ground, but for those of diverse tastes, this honestly isn’t bad at all. Energy, intensity and even Wayne sounds good on this crunching backdrop, it’s a high-octane affair that many seem to have hastily dismissed, but I’m all for it.

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