Lana Del Rey-Summertime Sadness (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

I remember being in touch with Ryan many moons ago, back when he was an upcoming producer working with rappers in the same bracket (specifically, Shady Blaze at the time), and it was clear he had talent. At some point between now and then, he seems to have really developed a stellar reputation as a go-to producer, and has seemingly been commissioned for an official remix of Lana’s rather likeable single.

Often, completely replacing (or near enough) an original’s production for a remix is risky business, and probably fails more than it succeeds. Not here. Ryan’s swapped in a luscious dub-influenced backdrop, throwing together deep, booming bass with synths of both a quick, dynamic nature and a slower, depth-building style that combine to flesh this beat out superbly. The former in particular seem to fizz through the track, adding energy and unpredictability, whilst the final third demonstrates a worthwhile payoff with a few extra elements thrown into the mix. Good rework from a gifted beatsmith.

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