Kurt Vile-Never Run Away (Video)

Don’t be put off by his somewhat unusual surname. This is a great slice of laidback soft rock with a massively adorable video, shot in a style completely unlike most music videos (it’s referred to more as a commerical, it seems!).

Though the song actually begins in a somewhat more incidental capacity, it gradually flourishes and soundtracks the clip nicely, with the easygoing, folksy vocals being a good accompaniment to the chunky yet understated guitar plucks, which themselves help to bring the track away from being overly folk-oriented and further into a standard soft rock style. It’s a likeable track that will slide into a summer day playlist rather easily, and one in a style that should make it a safe bet for listeners of several genres.

The video does a great deal to add some fun and feeling to the audio. It’s pretty much just Kurt sitting around as his young daughter runs in and out of shot playing with toys, jumping around and generally being happy and innocent, with her infectious positivity affecting the track positively. A feelgood, unique clip that definitely enhances the song, you can get the track for free here.

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