Kid Cudi-Immortal

The hype train for the upcoming Indicud album seemed to have slowed in recent weeks, but Cudi picks things up once again with the latest audio release, the first new produce from the album in over 2 months.

Those somewhat unconvinced with his recent work (for whatever reason) may be a little more into this. Whilst the influences of his enjoyable work with WZRD remains, the slow pacing and slightly dark soundscape feels more reminiscent of the work on his first album; the beat is in fact a reversed and edited version of MGMT’s Congratulations (who, of course, featured on that LP), with Cudi adding production touches on top. It’s a strong self-produced effort, with a nice blend of distorted guitars and a Ratatat-esque synth layer, whilst his vocal output veers more toward the singing/harmonising side of his work, vocals which allow the production’s natural momentum to remain unspoiled by over-engineered lyricism and singing. It’s a good advert for self-producing, as Cudi’s able to properly tailor his delivery to the beat he’s semi-created, and hence this is a good listen. Not classic Cudi, but still wouldn’t sound out of place on his revered debut album. Indicud coming 23rd April.

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