Kendrick Lamar - B*tch Don't Kill My Vibe ft. Jay-Z (Official Remix)

On Wednesday night, Jay-Z’s DJ, Young Guru, treated guests at a SXSW party in Texas by playing the official remix to this excellent Kendrick track with new verses and Jay-Z also hopping on. Given that we had no idea this was in the works, this had the internet going nuts – especially as this song being played at the party was fully caught on film.

A CD quality version of this has dropped (albeit the clean version, boo, Kendrick just dropped the dirty version, yay!). Kendrick was one of the few bright things about hip hop in 2012, so it’s always refreshing to hear new material with him. Major co-sign for him as well with Jay-Z jumping on this track, and it says a lot when I say I genuinely prefer Kendrick’s verses. Listen below.

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