Justin Timberlake-Suit and Tie (Four Tet Remix)

four tet
As far as I’m aware, this is the first remix from a major artist of JT’s comeback single, and for many will be rather more listenable. Truthfully, this is about as mixed as the original for me, but nonetheless it’s nice to have a refresh of the rather tiresome track.

Four Tet’s a great producer, and I’ve championed his work on here several times, but this production feels like one long intro. Whilst that’s just about acceptable for the first minute or so, before the brief lull, the sole introduction of a metronome-esque sound after that pause seems a little light on the ground and doesn’t really offer the pay off or depth you’d expect, both from Four Tet and the natural flow of the track. The track mostly continues in this fashion sadly, throwing in a few samples and percussion layers intermittently and in fairness, at around 3.20 things come to life much more. Whilst it still feels too thin on the ground to really close the track out, at least there’s some sense of progression. Not for me, but I’m sure many will enjoy it.

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