Justin Timberlake-Mirrors (Video)

Having confirmed that his recently-released album was indeed a “part one” (with the sequel rumoured for November), Justin’s buzz couldn’t be any higher, and he follows up with a video for his successful single.

As mentioned in the audio review, the track’s got classic JT hallmarks, but with more lyrical maturity and feeling than previous lead singles. That lyrical growth is visualised perfectly here, with a story told of an elderly couple as they reminisce over their years together, with flashbacks interspersed with present-day footage for a dynamic video. The division between the two is technically impressive: the vivid colours and powerful lighting in the teenage scenes contrasts excellently with the dull colouring of the contemporary footage, whilst the less positive ‘young adult’ scenes fall somewhere in between as far as chromatics go. There’s an inescapable undercurrent of sadness throughout that grows as the clip evolves, and whilst it’s difficult initially to know exactly where that will lead, the ending of the emotional story is both rewarding and bittersweet.

The video then moves into textbook Timberlake fare, as he croons and swings amongst a plethora of mirrors, looking as suave as ever and generally offering a nice cool-down from the emotionally-intense scenes that preceded him. Very engaging watch, and though it comes in at over 8 minutes, it certainly doesn’t feel that long. Grab the album now.

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