Justin Timberlake and Daft Punk-Suit and Tie (The Hood Internet Remix)

the hood internet
Disillusioned with the original version? Your day’s about to improve, as this is what it should have been. Daft Punk released a very brief (15 seconds, in fact) snippet of new music a short while ago, and the talents over at The Hood Internet have skilfully blended that into JT’s single for a very good rework.

It’s immediately apparent that the bright, funky synths of the Daft Punk production completely take this track to new levels of positivity. That’s not just down to the production itself either, as it’s equally down to their synergy with Justin’s vocals, as they’re now infused with an infectious energy that radiates across the entire soundscape, and hence moves this track into a new realm of likeability. That momentum-destroying Jay-Z verse is nowhere in sight either, and this is a remix that’s absolutely worth having.

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