John Legend-Who Do We Think We Are ft. Rick Ross

john legend
Having let the first track (assumedly) from his upcoming Love In The Future album go, John comes through with the official lead single, linking up for his fourth collaboration with Rick Ross.

With an iconic sample of Mr. Big Stuff in tow, the track is considerably more upbeat than the previous release, and hence will certainly have a stronger appeal to the mainstream audience than its predecessor. That sample is joined by slow, strong percussion that anchors the entire track well, whilst a multitude of soft layers from harps to synths help add a rather lavish and luxurious sound, one befitting John’s soaring, debonair vocals. Regardless of the commanding production, his performance still packs in all of his soul hallmarks to wrestle control of the track back to his voice without veering too far into pop territory, whilst Ross’ famed penchant for productions of this ilk ensures he fits alongside John nicely to maintain the track’s momentum. A good release, and by my count that’s two-for-two from the album.

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