John Legend-The Beginning

It’s been some time since there was even the remotest of suggestions that a John Legend album was on the way, but 5 years on and we’re getting his next album, Love In The Future, this year.

Don’t let the futuristic title fool you. This is classic John Legend, and rather than lace his fantastic vocals with synths and such, the single has John on a more stripped-back style than we’re accustomed to from him. The instrumentation is gripping from the moment you press play, throwing gentle violins in with more distinct string plucks and chunky percussion for a production that’s got trademark soul elements, exotic features and a strong R&B anchor in the drums. I’d imagine every superlative has already been used for John’s vocals, but they’re as good as you’d hope for here, soaring and passionate in the hook versus relative placidity in the verses, with both also benefitting from the sporadic and likeable inclusion of distinct backing vocals. A great way to kick off the album hype for John, and I’m sincerely looking forward to more from the LP.

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