Joey Bada$$-Unorthodox (Video)

Now, it’s no secret I’m a massive Joey fan. However, as much as I love his raps (spoiler: it’s a lot), Ecko Ltd. appointing him their Creative Director at the age of 18 seems pretty bizarre to me. Of course, credit to him and I hope he succeeds, but from a business standpoint surely that’s an enormous risk by Ecko?

On to what matters. This DJ Premier-produced joint has quickly become a standout in Joey’s small but incredibly impressive back catalogue, with Premo’s simple and effective backdrop being the perfect canvas for the young MC to deliver his gritty, mature raps.

The video’s got a nice retro art style, adding sketched and painted effects to the everyday scenery of Joey’s life, such as near a subway entrance, and also painting contextual pictures to fit his lyricism throughout. It’s very visually stimulating and adds a remarkable amount of colour to a fairly ‘black and white’, unfussy hip-hop track, whilst doing so in the rough and imperfect manner that so accurately represents Joey Bada$$’ style. Great audio and a really enjoyable video to match.

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