Joe Budden - Castles [Video]

New visuals for a track from Joe Budden’s latest album, No Love Lost. Castles is a song about about Joe’s slightly more fame-filled life over the last year or two. It’s something he touched on in the track Momma Said (which is from his A Loose Quarter mixtape), where he talks about his mother checking him for allowing so many people, who are taking advantage of him, in his home.

Castles is one of the slower, introspective tracks from No Love Lost with some sombre production attached to the vocals, vocals which display some great wordplay on show as he talks us through the people in his life who’ve been counter-productive to his well being.

Budden also uses the video to showcase a new clothing range he’s associated with, which you can cop from here.

You can grab his album No Love Lost right now from iTunes.

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