Jean Grae-Special

Comedian DC Pierson has apparently written a book, Crap Kingdom, and with it comes an accompanying compilation imaginatively titled Songs For Crap Kingdom. There are several acts on there, none of which I’m familiar with unfortunately, but OTU favourite Jean Greasy offers a great contribution with this laidback effort.

The production’s incredibly relaxing, combining barely-there, airy synths with punchy percussion and the faintest dash of additional electronic elements. It’s a soundscape that’s about as easygoing as anything I’ve heard anyone rap on, and as a result it allows Jean’s personal, introspective lyricism to both be showcased and gently supported, with her verses cycling through a plethora of relatable issues, from a lack of direction to health concerns. Her diversity is on show too, as she also sings a rather soft hook to accompany those verses, a feature that blends wonderfully with that mellow backdrop to add a final layer of reflectiveness, and finishes off what is a superbly laidback slice of music that I’m sure fans of many genres will appreciate.

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