I feel a big difference between raw ‘organic’ music and music that derives from electronics is that organic music draws you in, while the electronic side of music propels you into the sky. I love the grit of organic music; like the sound of fingers sliding on guitar strings. When listening to electronic music I can picture myself on a distant planet in space, jumping in slow motion. The song showcases our desire to find a balance between raw, organic emotion and sampled, electronic sounds. I’m not looking for a contrast; I really like the idea of blurring these ideas together.

Lovely artwork and description there, and both help paint that mental picture all songs should seek to do, before the song expands on that initial image. The soundscape is atmospheric, slightly dark and wholly engaging, with the instrumentation containing vocal samples, synths and soft touches of guitar that combine to create an ethereal yet warm soundscape, before a rather powerful percussion enters the fray to inject intensity to the track. The vocals are unwaveringly gentle throughout, even with the introduction of that surprising drum work, and it allows the dynamics of the production to stand out a little more whilst making the vocals feel like a near-metronomic part of the instrumentation rather than a foreground layer. That’s represented in the lyrics too, which have a vivid, environmentally descriptive nature to the verses, but build to a harmonised, near word-less hook. It’s nicely done, and with the explosive finale it’s a track with an admirably progressive nature, underpinned by a hint of softness for an always-welcomed touch of relatability.

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