Hudson Mohawke-Pleasure

hudson mohwake
A month to go before Pleasure Principle Weekender ( so here’s a special treat: a 320k download of this ‘Pleasure’ remix from 2011, which until now featured on a rare vinyl only release. Of course we’re ALL looking forward to hearing the NEW shit he’s been working on soon – enjoy this in the meantime.

Hud Mo’s Fuse has made a return to my playlists in recent weeks, and he’s now let loose of the Janet Jackson-sampling track that is supposedly a favourite of his during live shows. It’s easy to see why too, as he’s laced Janet’s gentle vocals with a frenetic, intense production that converts her work into a huge dancefloor filler, thanks to a beat that relentlessly attacks your eardrums. The track builds slowly but positively with bright electronic melodies, before booming percussion and bassy synths enter the fray to amp up the production, with the hook culminating in an excellent piece of board work as the more piercing melodies of the verses are contrasted against the deeper elements brought in for the hook. Another great track from G.O.O.D. Music’s recent signee, and let’s hope more is on its way.

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