Helldorado-Bones In The Closet

…the sensation of a burning sun on your neck, crunched sand between your teeth, a shaky finger on the trigger of a Colt 45, circling vultures silhouetted against a blue-white sky, a double whiskey on an empty stomach, and the smell of bacon, beans, gunpowder, leather & sweat.

An evocative description, and music that completely matches up to it. From the dangerous, western-style guitars to the scattered percussion and the sprinkling of brass, the backdrop is fantastically suited to the above quote. The vocal work has a good amount of variety too, working in tandem with that soundscape smoothly in the verses, whilst scaling upwards to add a more modern-day alternative touch to proceedings in the hook; it’s a choice of styles that mesh well together to make this a highly-replayable and versatile slice of music.

Whilst the video’s confusing in places, it still captures the audio well. The arid desert landscape is a natural fit for the song, and the inclusion of a biohazard problem adds a more modern, fantastical twist to proceedings, whilst the use of young characters makes for a more visceral, engrossing watch. Many artists try to satisfy as many genres as possible, so it’s great to have a band who are dedicated to a creating more specific experience: This entire audiovisual package is a great representation of that, and be sure to grab the Bones In The Closet album on 20th May.

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