Fyfe-St. Tropez

He’s released tracks in the past that appeared to have gained buzz across various avenues, and the mysterious Londoner returns with this single from his upcoming Solace EP, set to land on 7th April.

Beginning with gentle vocals and soft, minimal backing, the track quickly benefits from the addition of a bassy percussion and distorted hits of guitar, before a horn section reminiscent of Woodkid’s Iron enters the fray to massively elevate the soundscape to grand, cinematic levels. The track then scales down once more to put the focus on Fyfe’s vocals, which pack emotion and believability into a delicate delivery, one which adds a lot of warmth to those verses, before closing out on the instrumental in its full splendour. A track with very distinct segmentation, and hence lots of variety, there’s plenty to like and look forward to with Fyfe.

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