Fryars-On Your Own (Video)

If you’re in a good mood, you might want to skip this one. It’s a downbeat, rather emotional piece that’s pretty much tailored for those feeling a little down, or are after something to accompany the cold night.

Blending pop, alternative and a dash of soul, the stripped-back production comprises repetitive, rhythmic light percussion and soft piano, built on smoothly through the track to include sharp guitars, synths and additional vocal layers. The primary vocals are enjoyable throughout, remaining mostly gentle and delicate in accompaniment with the minimal instrumentation, but expanding upwards to take on more passion and intensity when the production begins to incorporate more lively elements. The track’s capped off by morose, downtrodden lyricism with hints of hope, and whilst it’s well put together and a good listen, you certainly need to be in the right mood to fully appreciate it.

The same goes for the video, which is a good fit for the track, combining slow zoom and strong expressions of the video’s actors, both enhancing the deliberate pacing and emotion of the track. A slice of something different that will definitely resonate with some. Available now.

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