Foals-Late Night (Video)

Holy Fire is one of the standout albums of 2013, and the latest release from the LP sees Foals hook up with the esteemed Nabil Elderkin for a fantastic video. Not safe for work, by the way.

Set in an Eastern European hotel, the camera work is excellent from the off with a slightly shaky view carrying its way progressively through the building; starting outside in cold conditions, the clip moves inwards to the band performing in a dingy bar, before moving through three equally human yet distinctly unique activities going on in the rooms above. There’s a heavy dose of realism here, and as the song grows in stature the actions and physicality of and focus on those scenes grows expontentially, with the couple’s sexual encounter increasing in intensity, the childbirth nearing its conclusion, and the asphyxiation coming to a sad end.

It’s a video that most will relate to due to the mortal nature of each activity, each representing three stages of life (procreation, birth and death) whilst the blood dripping from Yannis’ nose represents the tangible factor connecting all of those events, and everyone by extension. The grimy setting helps make those simple themes more engaging, whilst the powerful physical acting of all involved is also a huge contributor to that, building well with the highs and lows of the audio. As good a song as this is, the video pushes it into a new realm of excellence. Buy the album.

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