Fast Planet-Mr. Conversation

fast planet
We began working on new music and what has emerged thus far is a bank of music that is still being molded into the next album we want to release. It’s a ton of material, and we’re not finished. Some of the songs, while strong on their own, may not fit the overall theme of our next album. So, for the foreseeable future, we’ve decided to create a handful of releases leading up to a full length record. Some of these tracks may make their way onto the album. Others may not. Regardless, we’re happy to share this first new track with you.

A great slice of laidback alternative here. Opening with gentle guitars, dark synth strokes and a strong vocal layer, the soundscape is one that creates a rather spaced-out atmosphere, stopping just short of becoming ‘ethereal’ courtesy of sharp percussion that progress through the verses to strengthen the hook. It’s thoroughly mellow with a downbeat aftertaste, whilst the piercing flashes of percussion and very penetrating vocals add a hint of intensity to proceedings. A well-crafted piece, and for many this is a good introduction to the band.

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