Earl Sweatshirt-Woah ft. Tyler, the Creator (Video)

Earl’s been sporadically releasing new material since his return to the Odd Future fold from his oft-discussed hiatus, and now releases the latest video from his upcoming solo album, Doris.

N****s think cause you f**kin’ made Chum and got all personal that n****s won’t go back to that old f**kin’ 2010 shit. Tyler’s intro sums this one up quite well, as its a departure from the mature, reflective Chum and instead has Earl back on the jagged, leftfield style the group rose with. As a result, Earl’s raps focus less on message-laden raps in mesmerising flows, and instead packs punchlines into a staccato-style delivery that works well with the percussion-heavy production. It’s certainly not Earl at his absolute best, but it is him making the sort of tracks the original Odd Future fans originally loved the clan for.

The video’s packed with the typically-bizarre Odd Future style, from the rather aged ballerina to Lucas eating an ice cream rather aggressively, and much like the audio it has the hallmarks of what made them so likeable in the first place. From rolling around in shopping carts to just skating around and generally causing chaos, it’s that reckless abandon which caused such a stir, and still makes for a fun watch. Throw in a hook that’ll be anthemic for the OFWGKTA supporters, and this is one their longtime fans will appreciate more than the hip-hop purists might.

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