Drake-5am In Toronto

He’s made himself very easy to criticise over the last year or two, both with his output and general being, and whilst signs of redemption have been rare, this is most definitely one to get the hip-hop fans back on board.

The key component here is he sounds believable, for once, as his usual monotony is replaced by genuine emotion. There’s natural aggression, intensity and spark, and he sounds legitimately aggrieved on every line he delivers, a facet which adds passion and credence to each of his lyrics, which themselves will create plenty of discussion: there are several wide-reaching shots (I could load every gun with bullets that fire backwards, you probably wouldn’t lose a single rapper is a personal favourite), some more focused (It’s funny when you think a n**** blew up after Lupe), and some that probably aren’t aimed at anyone but will be perceived as so (including a supposed shot at The Weeknd). Aside from the gossipy stuff though, Drake’s flow really benefits from the injection of emotion, whilst the production combines bassy percussion with a shrill melody for a simple and strong backdrop, and this is one of the best releases he’s put out in the last 2 years as far as I’m concerned.

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