Danny Brown-Kush Coma

We’ve actually had been making “Kush Coma” since I was on the Childish Gambino tour .. So seeing y’all fuck wit it made that time worth it. Roll up and play this shit loud as possible!!!!!!!!!!!

Danny’s Old album is due for release this summer, and he liberates an early cut of a track set to feature on that LP. The production’s an ear-piercing combination of trippy synths and bassy percussion, with the outcome being a soundscape that’s part-disorienting (in a good way), part-speaker rattling. With a production so full of energy and vibrancy, Danny’s own shrill style is naturally well-suited to working with it, with his cadence being a good complement to the beat whilst his range of flows take advantage of what is a fairly flow-neutral production. Not for everyone, but those after something energetic without being ‘pop’ could do worse than giving this a go, and with the final version slated to include A$AP Rocky, there’s even more to be added to an already-likeable track.

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