Context - 1.4 at 12 [Video]

Context asks us “what do we know about Aston Martin music”, a fair question – I don’t think anyone I know around these parts really knows about that way of life. Tracks like Aston Martin Music are great and all, but truthfully songs that really resonate with us are ones that we can really relate to. That’s why so much emphasis is made by fans on artists being ‘real’.

1.4 at 12 is a track that takes us around Context’s neck of the woods, and what the harsh reality of English life is like. The scenes in this vid are certainly what I’m more accustomed to seeing in the city than that of most hip hop videos!

The track itself features a very English, almost vintage garage, vibe, which is a style that suits Context. Context has himself a good variety of tracks and videos already, which is all the more impressive given that he’s unsigned with no budget. I look forward to seeing what else he comes up with in 2013.

You can grab this track (for free) by clicking here.

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