Cocovan-Bang Bang

A multi-talented Frenchwoman whose sound is dedicated to the likes of New Order and Davie Bowie, but charmed by the more current, indvidual pop smarts of Robyn and her contemporaries, Cocovan is an artist with the kind of sound that requires little further refinement; she’s pretty much ready for mainstream acceptance.

The verses build a backdrop of bubbly melody and sporadic, thunderous percussion, building towards a hook that throws bright, energetic synths into the mix, and more consistent percussion. This is a track that unquestionably revolves around that hook, with the verses toned down to give that chorus maximum impact, and the strong execution make it exactly the right thing to do from a production perspective. Cocovan’s vocals sync up well to the dynamism of the soundscape throughout, offering soft introspection in the verses and repeated, catchy vocals on the hook, whilst the addition of short backing vocals in that hook helps pad out the section even further. A fun slice of pop with no rough edges to get your weekend rolling, and definitely one most will revisit if summer arrives.

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