Caveman-Over My Head

If the first single from their upcoming album was suited to a nice drive, you can file this under nighttime drive back, or post-night out music (either the same night or the next morning, either works).

Smooth, easygoing and very mellow, the instrumentation’s built up of deep, drawn-out guitar strums, slow percussion and a hint of synth for a dreamscape-esque, ethereal sound that’s ever so easy on the ear. It allows the vocals to really steer the direction of the track, with the vocal spikes corresponding the what would be perceived as the track’s high points, and of course the inverse being true, a factor which is helped by that instrumental backdrop being almost completely consistent. It does evolve slightly, with the synths grabbing a stronger hold on the track as it progresses, but for the most part its a good example of allowing the vocal work to almost solely guide a song, and makes for a very laidback listen. Very replayable, be sure to look out for the self-titled album on 2nd April.

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