Captain Murphy-The Killing Joke (Video)

Captain Murphy, the hip-hop alter ego of electronic producer Flying Lotus, picked up a ton of buzz last year for not only revealing his true identity, but also the quality of the aptly-titled Duality mixtape. Whilst I’m admittedly a novice with material from both ‘personalities’, I’ve heard enough to know FlyLo deserves every ounce of critical adulation he gets.

Naturally, the Joker-themed title and Batman references within the lyricism make this a rather enjoyable listen for yours truly, but it’s more than good enough to command everyone else’s attention. A minimal, eerie soundscape is created, throwing together horror-esque melodies with a haunting, repetitive hook, sampled from a Portuguese song that translates as Hail, Lucifer. Enough said. Murphy’s raps are brief but very enjoyable, with the first verse being relatively matter-of-fact, present-day content, the second being considerably more introspective with hints of menace, before the final verse closes with a very dark, corrupted view, and closes off an excellent progression in such a short time.

The video is appropriately unsettling, relying heavily on monochromatics, and swapping between an increasingly-warped version of Murphy, and grim, desolate outdoor environments typical of horror clips. A dark audiovisual of the highest order, be sure to grab that Duality project now.

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