Calez-Too Broke (Mixtape)

It’s been almost a year since we heard from Calez (unless I’ve somehow missed something), but he’s back with 14 brand new tracks that should make for a good barometer of how far he’s evolved in that time away.

From catching a listen of one or two of the tracks previously, his progression is absolutely evident, with heightened levels of intensity and vigour clear in his delivery, whilst the productions seem strong, bass-heavy offerings. The features are minimal, with a little help from his 2008ighties compatriots Julian Malone and UG (no Fonz-E Mak though, sadly), whilst the standout production credits come from Clams Casino and Calez adding a self-helmed effort onto here. Lots to look forward to, and you can download the project for free below.

Calez-Too Broke

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