Blurred City Lights-Symbiotic Anxiety Attacks (Feels So High Mix) ft. Rose Berlin

Leaning heavily on the stark and monochromatic, this record feels like it sounds; dark, forbidding melodic and tuneful with a very firm nod towards Pink Floyd (Circles) and Massive Attack (Symbiotic Anxiety Attacks). This record was made during the first 10 days of March 2013 via email and file share – a product of the internet age. It is a true collaboration of souls and minds.

The record references above is the Neon Glow EP, upon which this excellent effort was found, and whilst I can’t comment on the rest of the EP yet, it’s a must-download if this track is anything to go by. The production combines atmospheric synths with crisp, piercing percussion and incredibly gentle vocals; the result is a dark, mellow and quietly intense production that’s got all the hallmarks of a good night-pop or dark chillwave beat. The delicate infusions of a range of additional samples add good depth, from airy effects to spoken word, and this is a production you’ll happily loop over and over. If you’re a fan, be sure to grab that full EP at the above link.

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