Beach House-Wishes (Video)

Of all the feature articles I’ve written, the recent review of Beach House’s Forever Still video/performances/mini-movie was the most enjoyable. Rarely does music and video combine so perfectly, and the section focused around this song was arguably the highlight-if it was made legal, I’d marry that 3 minute segment.

Admittedly, I wouldn’t say the same here. Rather than capture the atmosphere of the track, the group have gone for a completely different approach of an unusual athletic competition, with more focus on the actor’s faces and activities than Forever Still‘s reliance on surroundings and lighting. Frankly, a song this good can back any video or theme, and even though there are segments here which feel a touch too incongruent with, or distract from, the audio, full credit to the band for not replicating what they’d already done in the mini-movie and going for something completely new. There are some great high points here though, particularly the sight of Ray Wise delivering the soaring vocals, the bright firework displays, and the exhibitions from the various competitors during the track’s phenomenal transitioning a little over halfway in. A slightly confusing one at times, but when it’s backed by this good a song, you can let it go. Grab the Bloom album now.

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