Baths-Miasma Sky

My only previous interaction with anything from Baths was his superb remix of Gold Panda’s incredible track Marriage, and as I’ve been meaning to check out his back catalogue, this new release should give both yourselves and I plenty of reason to do so rather more urgently.

Said to be much more sombre than his previous releases, the overall soundscape here is atmospheric, lively, and with a nice dash of softness. The sample of rainfall combined with pulsing melodies in the intro sets the mood well, providing a good contrast of dark, gloomy sounds with more upbeat elements, whilst the sharp percussion and thudding bass that arrive shortly afterward help to elevate the intensity of the track. The delicate vocal work on top provides a consistent container for the production backdrop’s energy, ensuring it doesn’t spiral out of control and retaining the atmospheric vibe and aura of the track as a whole, and cap off a good all-round electronic effort. The album, Obsidian, arrives on 28th May.

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