Banks-Fall Over (Video)

When electronic and alternative collide, the end product is usually a good one, and that’s the case here with Banks’ latest single. In addition to those two genres, there are heavy doses of pop, soul and R&B in here too, making for an eclectic but ultimately very cohesive end product.

The diverse production is built up of traditional-style percussion, distant, sharp samples of her own vocals, and synths that progress through the verses to build well to the hook, before stepping away and back in for the hook’s high point. It’s a good backdrop for sure, and whilst it packs in plenty, it keeps a sense of minimalism and atmosphere that matches up to the monochrome, visually-efficient video. Undoubtedly though, the highlight here is the vocal performance from Banks, with a gentle, subdued style in the verses that steps upwards into the first half of the hook, and really explodes into life with passion and power for the second half. It’s a great show of versatility, and with each section packing in plenty of emotion, the video’s sharp scenes cuts and Banks’ facial expressions combine for a suitably drmatic accompaniment to those vocals. Very likeable all-rounder, and you can get the Fall Over EP now.

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