Azealia Banks-Yung Rapunxel

When Azealia first broke onto the scene, I had all the time in the world for her. She’s multi-talented, a little eccentric, and at the time seemed generally likeable. However, her increasing focus on making stupid statements and releasing types of music that ‘prove’ how different she is have slowly peeled away at that admiration.

This is the lead effort from her upcoming debut LP, Broke With Expensive Taste, and in keeping with her movements over the last year its a more electro-driven effort rather than the slick rapping style she broke out with. Really, it’s a track where the beat dominates; it’s a pulsating one, with thumping bass, frenetic percussion and lashings of deep synth work, but the mastering seems to have actively thrown her own contributions so far into the background that they’re barely audible, not helped by her tired, uneventful delivery. It’s a superb production, there’s no doubt there, but for someone with the gifts she has she shouldn’t really be at the level where she’s adding unnecessary vocals to a beat that comfortably stands alone. Maybe this is what the pop crowd wants, but it isn’t for the rest of us.

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