Audio Push-Them N****s ft. Hit-Boy (Video)

Part of Hit-Boy’s HS87 label, Audio Push’s (who made my 13 for ’13) enjoyable Inland Empire tape dropped at the backend of 2012, with this track being the pick of the bunch. It’s also set to feature on the upcoming HS87 compilation album, All I’ve Ever Dreamed Of, and is a great choice to introduce listeners to the collective.

A mainstay of my playlists in recent months, this is the stuff you turn up loud and get a little wild with it. It’s lively, buzzing and energetic, with the intense Hit-Boy production (which has become one of my favourite beats of his) complementing the passionate raps of Oktane and Pricetag, who definitely shake off the Jerkin’ tag with this one. The stuttery nature and midtempo pacing helps to amplify the rapped work, as Hit-Boy opens with a slick, easygoing delivery before Audio Push step in and take the energy of the track through the roof, both with their likeable raps and highly animated performances. The anthemic hook caps things off on the audio, whilst the video’s general desolation, darkness and lavish touches give the performers a clean, rarely distracting backdrop to work in front of. Great audio, solid video and be on the lookout for that album on Tuesday.

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